Media Coverage

Media coverage has included the research discovery that our finger stretching illusion reduces pain in osteoarthritis and that illusory visual manipulations can reduce chronic pain in Complex Regional Pain syndrome as well as some coverage of our award winning illusion, The Disappearing Hand Trick.

Disappearing Hand Trick wins Best Illusion of the Year 2012:

Disappearing Hand Trick wins best illusion of 2012 (Nature)

Study published in Rheumatology finding that multisensory illusions applied to the painful part of the hand reduced pain by, on average, 50% in osteoarthritis sufferers:

Illusion can halve the pain of osteoarthritis, scientists say (University of Nottingham)

Mind tricks may help arthritic pain (BBC News Online)

Chance find of optical illusion that eases arthritis pain without drugs (Daily Mail)

Arthritis Pain Relief with the brain’s and body’s own powers (ABC News)

Pain relief – just an illusion (The Telegraph)

spin-spring-2013-final short (The Spin magazine)