My doctoral research is focused on investigating body perception and representation in people experiencing unexplained physical symptoms. My studies aim to understand how cognitive knowledge and sensory input contribute to our experience of body ownership in both healthy participants and those experiencing medically unexplained symptoms. I am interested in how manipulating sensory input changes the way our bodies feel and identifying factors which may explain individual variation in response to different body illusions.

My studies with MIRAGE so far have involved the Disappearing Hand Trick and the Hobbit Hand illusion (coming soon).


I am always looking for volunteers to take part in my research, but am especially keen to hear from people who experience medically unexplained symptoms. If you would like to take part or want to know more about the studies I run, please get in touch:

email: lpxnr2@nottingham.ac.uk | phone: 0115 9515281

Twitter_logo_blue @_nratcliffe


Ratcliffe, N. & Newport, R. (2015, June). Visual bias during visuo-proprioceptive conflict increases with age. Poster session presented at the 16th International Multisensory Research Forum, Pisa, Italy.

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