‘Seeing is Believing’: The MIRAGE goes downunder


June 2nd saw the launch of ‘The Patient’, an art exhibit hosted by the University of New South Wales, Sydney. What could you find among the exhibits? None other than the newest, shiniest version of MIRAGE.

“The Patient examines the embodied experience of the artist as medical patient and the medical patient as living subject in contemporary art.”

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Weird Psychology BPS Event

When there’s something weird in the neighbourhood, who did BPS call? Team MIRAGE.

Galleries of Justice, Nottingham, was host to Weird Psychology: the science of strange phenomena, organised by the British Psychological Society. It seemed the perfect setting for an evening of interactive weird but wonderful illusions and presentations on some of the stranger things we investigate as psychologists.

Not only were we offering the usual finger stretching and disappearing hand trick, but a whole host of other illusions that included chicken wire, prism goggle high-fives, and ‘magic’ (science) tricks.

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