Weird Psychology BPS Event

When there’s something weird in the neighbourhood, who did BPS call? Team MIRAGE.

Galleries of Justice, Nottingham, was host to Weird Psychology: the science of strange phenomena, organised by the British Psychological Society. It seemed the perfect setting for an evening of interactive weird but wonderful illusions and presentations on some of the stranger things we investigate as psychologists.

Not only were we offering the usual finger stretching and disappearing hand trick, but a whole host of other illusions that included chicken wire, prism goggle high-fives, and ‘magic’ (science) tricks.

weird science illusions

Try some for yourself: Are the lines on the whiteboard straight or wonky?

They are actually perfectly straight but appear to slant when the white and black squares are not aligned.

Media relations manager, Hannah ‘snaphappy’ Foy collected a variety of videos from the event.


Some special people can really struggle with a simple high-five…

Attendees were particularly astonished by how easily their perceptual system could be fooled with this checker-board illusion.

In the midst of all these activities our benevolent overlord, Roger, gave an eventful talk on body ownership, and in particular the day he had his brother’s feet. Despite technical issues, team MIRAGE were very proud.

All in all, volunteers and attendees alike had a fun, and of course educational, evening! Thanks for the invite BPS – and the free flashy brain badges!

team photo.jpg


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