Tash attends IMRF in Pisa

Read about Tash’s trip to Pisa to attend the International Multisensory Research Forum conference…


The 16th International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF) conference took place in June in the beautiful location of Pisa, Italy. IMRF brings together people from various research areas in which more than one sensory modality is involved. The talks covered a range of topics, including models of multisensory integration, neural mechanisms, cross modal interactions and the role of attention in multisensory integration. The sessions on multisensory integration and body representation were especially interesting for me, and several of the talks related closely with some of the work we are doing with MIRAGE. It was great to hear about some of the experimental techniques other researchers are using to investigate how the brain uses sensory information to form a representation of the body, and useful to think about how we could incorporate some of these paradigms into our work with MIRAGE.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to present a poster with findings from one of our studies using the disappearing hand trick adaptation procedure (click here to view). IMG_0376The experiment investigated the extent to which children aged between 4 and 11 years old rely on visual or proprioceptive information for localising the hand when the two sources of sensory information are in conflict. It was great to chat to other researchers about the experiment, share thoughts on the findings and hear about related work. Having the opportunity to talk to other researchers at conferences is really useful as often you discover findings that you were previously unaware of, either because you had not come across their paper in your reading, or because the findings have not been published. It’s always great to discuss new ideas too. There were quite a few other PhD students there so it was nice to meet them and share experiences. Several of our collaborators from the “Dutch Mob” also attended, and it was great to chat to them and hear their presentations.

Overall, I found the conference really useful and I came away with some new thoughts and ideas, which is always nice. I must also mention that the food (and wine) in Italy was great – I especially enjoyed the seemingly endless selection of pastries that were on offer during the coffee breaks at the conference! Definitely something we will be incorporating into future lab meetings…


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