Pain research and the benefits of playing table tennis

Eva Boesch from Body in Mind (Australia) writes about her recent visit to the MIRAGE lab in Nottingham…


Eva visiting the MIRAGE lab

This is Eva from the Body in Mind lab in Australia, where she just finished her honours degree. Eva visited the MIRAGE lab in Nottingham to see what was happening on the other side of the world. She also did a bit of research and gave a presentation on pain and the benefits of playing table tennis. She almost convinced the department to buy us our very own table tennis table! We very much enjoyed her company. Below is Eva, writing about her experience in Notts!

After completing an Honours degree at the University of South Australia, I had the fabulous opportunity to visit Roger and his team at the University of Nottingham.

In my research, I was evaluating the preciseness of the stretch and shrink illusion using the MIRAGE. I tested 24 people with painful osteoarthritic hands and I wanted to know, if the pain altering effect of the MIRAGE was specific to the area the illusion was applied. I had the great opportunity to discuss my results with Roger and meet his lovely team.

I learnt a tremendous amount about the MIRAGE and its was fascinated by the current studies run with the MIRAGE. Besides that, I gained new friends and had a great time in the city of Nottingham. A quick word of warning: The gates of Wollaton Park as indicated by google maps are not accurate and you may get locked in and may be in the situation of having to climb over the 4m wall in a dress. This may or may not have happened. – it had.”